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Design & Development Portfolio

Creative Design
Website Projects : ranging from UI's, UX, Interface design, microsite concepts, applications, content, banners and other ad-hoc projects - freelance, contract and perm projects.
Website Design
Application, Website & Branding for idesign
Application design, branding, logo, landing pages, marketing - iDesign was a epic project which involved a lot of creativity, planning and innovation.
Idesign campaign
OpenCart interfacte design
OpenCart : User interface design and themes for OpenCart. This project covers the initial design for the Opencart at Satzuma.
Opencart Website
Product Design - VR Cardboard concept
Products : In products you will see a range of products that were sold in retail. Products ranged from Google Cardboard (VR) Mobile Theatre puppet show and the Memory Capture.
Product Design
Creative Game Design
Games : Mouthtrap - Satzuma's take on the popular mouth guard game was a huge commercial success, the project grew and grew with various editions and expansion packs being created. You can read more on the game design here.
Physical / Family Games
Design a killer kickstarter page!

Kickstarter : The visual look and feel of 2 kickstarter projects. The Ui's, Video and the actual content creation.
Kickstarter Page Design
Design a killer kickstarter page!
UI & Wordpress : read more details about my UI and Wordpress design services.
UI & Wordpress Design
Design a killer kickstarter page!
Blog & Content Design : If you look for help to build a new wordpress website, more content or visual information to sit along side you killer copy on your blog pages read on for more.
Blog & Content Design
Design a killer kickstarter page!
Vector Illustration : Using Adobe Illustrator I can creat artwork for books, websites, games, marketing, stories, character, designs and even for personal purposes!

Freelance Vector Illustration

Creative Direction image
Design & Creative Direction : I have worked with individuals and small to medium sized companies in creating some awesome projects. If you would like some input from me a creative guidence then please read on.
Creative Direction
trade stand design
Kiosk & Tradestand Design : Project glances at some of the high-lights of a featured tradestand design which were used at international shows like the Gadgethow and in large shopping centres like Bluewater in Kent.
Kiosk Tradestand Projects
Print Design
Print : A snap shot of print and packaging projects. These projects cover look and feel of various mediums, branding, graphic design and creative planning involved in marketing, displaying and selling the products in large retails stores.
print & Packaging work
game design
Games : video games and applications that were created in Adobe Animate and developed using Actionscript 2.0 / 3.0
Computer Games Design
Creative Design
Motion Graphics : this is a snap shot of video pieces and applications created in Adobe Animate and After effects.
Motion Design
Creative Typography and design - Portfolio sample
Creative Typograpy : Typography has alway been a passion of mine. Some of the projects in the section were used for commercial purposes and are copyright Satzuma LTD
Creative Typography

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