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I am a professional Designer & Developer with over 10 years commercial experience. My skills and experience cover a range platforms and mediums including : designing and building websites, graphic design for print, designing 2D games and Air applications, animation, illustration and creative direction. As a Freelancer I like to building strong work relationships.

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Hello! I design websites, flash games, virals, animations and various other forms of digital communication using the Adobe Creative Suite. Programs I use: Illustratror, Photoshop, Indesign, Dreamweaver, Flash a bit of fireworks and a pinch of Adobe Aftereffects - of course pencil and paper for ideas.

Code(development) – HTML, CSS, Javascript, Actionscript, Blogs, Word Press.

Problems and Solutions (creative and technical). I like problems, because I love coming up with solutions. A problem can be a something to 'work out' plan around and visualise, adapting a design to fit within the pragmatic framework of a brief. I take a logical approach to a brief be it website, online, a game, or animation or part of a brand strategy. Better still, pre-empt a problem and avoid it all together right from the beginning. To build up my framework for a project I will ask questions to build a brief.

Process – Design & Build

Creative and professional, rich and engaging, this is what I aspire to when working on projects be it for commercial or personal purposes. Taking into consideration user experience, brand awareness, functionality, customer retention, ease of use, graphics and accessibility this all built into the design process from the beginning. At the foremost I take a creative design approach, basing it on experience, research and client requirements, all for the best results.

Animation & Development

In a project I discuss about the use of flash or animated features. It should be only used when appropriate, especially if you are considering linking, tablet tech and SEO. Flash animation and frontend development (brochureware) and bespoke website design are one of my strongest points. I can apply animation certain elements of a webpage, for example:

An animated footer, floating objects, things popping out from your header, a game, a character, banners, showreels and many more little subtle elements that make your website stand out, visuals that make remember, a reach out and grab experience.

Graphics for web, interface design, banners, animation, email marketing, front end brochureware design, web development, flash development, ActionScript. Story boarding html, css, planning, brand building, brochures, postcards, flyers, editing word press templates and SEO integration etc.

In addition to delivering creative web solutions be it a web page or banner(or any other channel) I'm always looking to boost my skills, find that new edge or just simply experiment. I am currently studying wintermute engine, and bolstering my CSS skills, drawing characters, reading and being a bit obsessive on the odd day.

Testamonials :

"Proving himself to be an excellent problem solver delivering creative and innovative solutions to our web ideas which we have not always been able to provide a detailed spec for."
David Goodridge, Law & More

"On a personal level Jimm is very friendly, conscientiousness and dedicated and I look forward to our continuing working relationship."
David Goodridge, Law & More

"I have worked with Jimm for over 6 years across hundreds of commercial projects. Jimm's ability to produce my ideas or concepts quickly by carefully listening and understanding to what I need or want commercially makes the difference. His design skills by hand and computer combined has always produced highly creative and unique pieces of work which has formed one of the main corner stones of our business."
J Ramm, Satzuma LTD

"Jimm grasped what was needed for projects very quickly. He offered a fine balance of design skill, application of branding and management of expectations."

Joe Chiao - Jeantech Limited


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