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Freelance Creative Direction, Strategy & Design

Illustrated design of a tradebooth for the summer fair

I want to help your business grow...

By providing my creative mind, outlook and experience in conceptual design, I want to help you on your next project.

At the very core of all of my skills and experience is my ideas based and business-focused approach to design & development, be it for product visualisation or web.

Let us take a rational look at your venture and have a little bit of fun along the way.

tradestand design appliaction
The image above illustrates how a design journey can look behind the scenes.

Some may think it is very quick and straight forward to get the right design and that final draft happens out of thin air, but others may already know - that is never the case.

If the final results of a project give the impression that is was clean simple and easy, I am fine with that. More often that not, there is a path that leads to that 'simple' look and feel. Maybe the end result can be regarded as a job well done.

Your project - It needs to be right, not random. All elements of the design should be with purpose.

I am a visualiser that wants to help your brand tell a story and sell product.

A conceptualiser that wants to make your business stand out from the crowd.

I want to help your business grow!

Catalogue Cover Design For Satzuma LTD

Prior to becoming a freelance Creative Director & Designer, I worked as Senior Designer & Developer and Head of Department at a gifting company.

Over time, my role focused on visualising product concepts and ideas and collaborated on 'selling the dream', and then making the dream a reality by creating tangible products, websites, and packaging.

My journey focuses on creating products and marketing which are commercially viable, useful and - hopefully on budget.
Kiosk design

The image above is an illustration of a level map for a game. An example of a 'thought process' that was used to create an
E-learning app.

Kiosk design

The image above is a visual representation of how a concept, idea or goal can flow from one core element into other aspects of a campaign.

The diagram also shows how a project can interlink across channels.

Application, Website & Branding for idesign

If you have any questions on how I can help with a campaign get in touch and I will see how I can help.

Freelance Creative Direction - Design | Skills

Below is a quick summary of my skills and experiences:

Skills & Services

  • Logic, reason & analysis - Design for many applications, ought to be purposeful and aesthetically pleasing. When I approach a project - whether it is a website, a product, a game or a marketing project I ask some key questions. Who is it for? Why do they want it? And how can we make it appealing to the target demographic?
  • Creative approach and application – After establishing a way to go forward with your brand and business needs, I will offer my creative eye, mindset, and technical skills to produce work that will offer value.
  • Design concept and visualisation – I have worked on numerous projects from concept to execution. I can creat mockups, visualisations, ideas, sketches and static artwork which can be used for client pitches, websites, games, brands, and product packaging – more information can be found on this website (blog) or you can request my PDF portfolio.
  • Brainstorming & pitching – I have been involved in the brainstorming stages in a small team and on a commercial freelance basis – I love to conceptualise and bounce ideas!

    Depending on the brief, and what is required for the task, I we can collaborate together to bring your project to life! Sketches, thoughts or polished visuals can be used for pitches and presentations - prior to you actually making a product! Form a demand, then supply.
  • Telling a story – There is a difference between a logo and a brand that tells a story. The story and the theme can run through a website and marketing collateral both online and offline – at the very core – what is the message, what story do you want to tell?
  • Style – My creative style is flexible and I strive to create design visuals that are relevant to the target audience. In the past I have worked in these following markets : Retail, party games, gifting, technology, electronics, legal, lifestyle, history, charity, transport, computers, Smartphones, brewers, humour and tourism. I'm happy to work in most fields.

After the analytics, research, ideas, and conceptualization you will need to turn that data and abstracts into tangible items.

I can help by designing your website, email marketing, brochures, PDFs, games, Kickstarter pages, and print collateral.

If you would like help from a Freelance Creative Director & strategist based In Wimbledon London, to develop and visualise a concept, send me a message and lets see what we can do.

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Freelance Creative Direction, Strategy & Design

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