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Freelance Product Designer for UK and international retail

Product Packaging Design - Card

These products were created with retail in mind. The briefs for the design covered a range of the methods, factors and restrictions. Some these designs were a unique twist on an existing product that was already on the market, others were created from scratch.

Memory Capture : The product above and below is the packaging and the product, all created from cardboard. The product needed to be low cost, rapid, for tech industries and 'gifting'.

Memory Capture Look And Feel. Essentially, the product is a stand that allows you to take steady photos on your smartphone, a bit of function and a lot of fun to assemble, it was created as an eye-catching stocking-filler piece. The product was geared toward Mum's, Dads and Grandparents.

The product captures a retro textured leather feel with a brushed steel effect, paying homage to your classic SLR camera and fun family holidays.

Memory Capture Product design Medley of product design elements created fro retail.

VR Frontier. This product was a detailed take on the Google Cardboard, an inexpensive and fun VR solution that turns your smartphone into a VR headset. The look and feel is based around space - VR being a way of exploring other worlds. We wanted to create a product that would be appealing to the Science Museum.

After creating some rough initial concepts in Photoshop (an illustrated mock up) the artwork was then created in Adobe Illustrator. Once the design was finished and positioned inside the factory diecut, the artwork was sent to print in China. After a short period, a photo mock up of the design would sent over via email where upon it would be checked and approved.

Google Cardboard Design - Frontier Other unused visor concepts.
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Boogie Pong (Design look and feel copyright Satzuma) was created inline with a popular game in the gifting market which allowed players to thrust and girate ping pong balls from a box tied to their waists.

(When testing game in the office it looked like game you would see on the likes of a friday night - it was a huge laugh.)

This take on the game required me to create a design, very quickly. This included the box, the characters and packaging. The design needed to look distinct from other designs of this game. Using Adobe Illustrator this design was created from mock up to completion.

Box design for a family game Vector based charater illustration Female vector illustration

Flash Drive Design | the dog and the rat were created as part of an exclusive Flash Drive range. I came up with the character concepts with my pencil and rendered in Photoshop. These 2D drawings were created in 3D and then manufactured.

Products Shoot The photo below was used on FSDU's and marketing material. As a side not the scene was created by me using foam, putty and then painted black.

All Material on this page is copyright Satzuma LTD

Custom Flash Memory Design and Photoshoot
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Creative Product Design

Designing Products I would never have called myself a product designer, industrial designer or 3D designer - until I look back at my portfolio. Any products I have designed or been involved with has been typically 2D and not required a mold with the exception of the Flash Memory and novelty PC Mice. I have created cards, flash drives, card products, games and other items that have been sold in and around UK and over seas.

If you are looking for help on your next project or product, I would be more than happy to work on a freelance or contract basis. Drop a no obligation email and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Key Criteria

  • Concept - Whether you are looking for the concept to visualise, plan or present your product I can help. I can create illustrated mock ups and pre-production artwork for your project.
  • Graphic Design - Whether its the look of a box, the card art or the design that will fall be placed inside a diecut, I can produce the work from concept to completion (dielines will either need to be created by and external source or created a by the factory or printer after the artwork and mock up has been completed.
  • Print - If it is the high res images, CMYK or other parts of the print I can help with the process.
  • Other : in addition to the items mentioned above, I can also help with character design be it game piece, merchandise or something not mentioned above. The concept work is in 2D.

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