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Creative Typography

Illustrated design of a tradebooth for the summer fair

Creative Typography : I have had a love for creative typography - especially with 3D elements since studying Graphic Design in Cumbria. A good piece of visual typography can set the scene and create a feature piece that pulls the viewer deeper into message.

Satzuma Title Graphic : The title was used across various pieces of marketing ranging from brochures, to online videos. This piece was created in conjunction with the 'Gadget Factory' theme which was tied into the brand. This piece of type helped to set the scene. It was created in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

The images below are experemints that were created whilst I was at Satzuma.

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Button design Typographic Play Non Used Title

Design & Typography

Typography can really add that extra layer of 'wow' to a piece of design work. If you are looking at creating a cover piece or something to draw your attention the of the reader, incorperating a punchy title can really do the trick. If you would like me to create a typographic piece for your brand, book or business then please read on.

Creative Typography

  • Type : Above are a couple of examples of typography which were created in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.
  • Purpose - The pieces were either created to draw the eye, stand out from the crowd or create a punchy call to action for a website.
  • Creative : if you are looking for a piece of the type to go along with a project I would be more than happy to offer my skills and servcies as a designer

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Creative Design & Typography

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