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Freelance Kickstarter (Crowdfunding) Page Designer

eelance Design of a kickstarter page.
Crowdfunding and Kickstarter Page Designer at your service:
Kickstarter in recent years has taken off and it is a great way of gauging product validation. But Kickstarter or crowdfunding is not easy. Uploading your product and crossing your fingers may result in disappointment.

Kickstarter can be a huge undertaking. Whether its fine-tuning the product (hey do this before your campaign!) building an audience or creating the content. Images below show some of the content I have helped to create for Kickstarter's in the past and if you need help in designing a Kickstarter page or the marketing/design, I may be able to help.

The graphics above and below are a snapshot taken from the visuals I helped to create for a humour project. This covered: creating characters, vector art, the page design, mapping the content, timeline, social media graphics, the stills for the video, the opening animation and much more. Due to the size, not all elements of the campaign can be included. The project was a team effort that required trial and error and time to create.

If you are thinking of creating a kickstarter consider these first! Kickstarter look and feel Vector Characters design Poo Time Line Vector Graphics - Guess Poo

Smartphone Puppetshow : This product was DIY puppet show kit where you (the user) place your smartphone on top of stand and record your 2D puppet show which can then be shared on social media with friends, family and others. It was created to incourage learning and play with modern technology.

Childrens Product Freelance Kickstarter Designer Page

Kickstarter Page Elements : there are so many aspects to a Kickstarter and a good juicy page is just one. On these pages alone that had reward tiers, products, animations, vectors, graphic design elements, about the product and much more. Another approach to really helping your page jump out is animation and a potent video.

You can look at more on how I can create motion and movement for your Kickstarter page of the following page.

Freelance Animation & Motion Graphics

Freelance Kickstarter Page Designer, E-mail & Video

If you are looking for a freelance or contract designer to help with the design of your page I would be more than happy to help. A Kickstarter is not a small undertaking and any help you can get from experienced visual designer will certainly spread the load. If you are not a designer by profession I you can summon my skills to create: web pages, email campaigns, products, logos, info graphics and content graphics and much more. All of these elements will make up the bits and pieces for your crowdfunding or Kickstarter Campaign.

Creating your kickstarter - My freelance design services.

  • Visuals : I can create visuals that I will represent your project, be it a catchy title, an icon, a detail piece, a footer, a header, reward tiers anything that will help to push and capture the eye of your the person who wants to fund you and hopefully push you toward your goals
  • Content - In addition to the above I will be considerate of your brand personality. This will be crucial in both the planning stages and the creation stages.
  • Email Marketing - Creating a email campaign to send that initial surge at the start of your campaign could be what you need to set the ball in motion. With my tried and tested knowledge of email marketing and design I can create an email in both HTML and CSS with catchy visuals. If you need help with an email campaign on a larger scale, I would be more than happy to offer my consulation - you cant beat an email to get you Kickstarter campaign going!
  • Motion & Video - If you are looking for a video, a graphic or animation I have experience in designing both small scale animations and videos that have been used in Kickstarter, product demos and animations for fun
  • Marketing - Whether it is pre-launch flyers, PDFs', vouchers, graphics for social media, landing pages to build email lists or other material I can offer my skills and experience to get that shout out for your Kickstarter.
  • Website - if you don't have a website, or you are looking for a dediacted website for your kickstarter project I can create a website that will suit your needs and budget. this would tie in nicely with your Kickstarter page design.
  • Strategy & Ideas - This is also an important factor when creating your Kickstarter, If you are looking for creative input, ideas and strategy I can offer my skills and experience.
  • Team Work - when building a client relationship be it freelance contract, or a long-term commitemnt or as and when, I like to offer my best. We could perhaps meet or just talk on the phone. I am happy to work at which level and capacity suits your business needs.
  • The Product Itself - If you are only thinking of the doing a Kickstarter and are still considering the actual product I may be able to offer assistance with my skills and experience in 2D product development
  • *Important - NDAs | I am more than happy to sign NDA's for your kickstarter project, this can be verbal or written.

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