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Freelance Commercial Board Games & Graphic Design

Commerical Board game design

Hello, I am a Freelance Board & Card Game Designer based in London, and I am always on the look out for next project, whether it is to design the card art for a party game or come up with a box design, or establish the look at feel for your unique fun board game! I am ready to get involved and see what can do with you based on the budget. I have worked with a range of clients that have gone onto create successful board games and kickstarter campaigns.

The mouth guard game (above) was a popular product that was sold in retail stores in the UK and in Australia. This was a take on an existing trend game where players have to insert dental mouthpieces and read aloud phrases from cards to their team mates. The game was both fun to create and a commercial success.

Mouth Trap: The image above shows the box concept before being created ready for the print. The nun, - adult edition - was a playful take on an already commercially successful game. This character was added to the adult edition of the game. The cards, which had various levels of profanities sillyness written on them - featured this character. The vector character artwork was a mash up of stock graphics and custom vectors created in Adobe Illustrator by myself.

Mouth Trap Adult Edition : Below is the real life example of the game plus its contents. Close to the original concept.

Mouth garme and accessories

Due to the games success we came up with other editions of the game. The yellow version is the 'drinking edition'. The theme is to remind the player of a pint of lager, fizz or weak beer, even down to the white top of the box. Note the visual references to drink positioned over the box. This game was an absolute blast to create.

Drinking edition of mouth trap, freelance game design
Expansion Pack die line

The net / game expansion box : As filler we came up with extra cards for all sets of the games. It was team effort which crossed between family friendly, smutty, to very silly.

The artwork below shows the concept and the actual products beneath. The games were created over seas and shipped back to the UK.

My role in the project covered, adding my take on the stock vectors, creating the box look and feel from concept to print ready stages, card designs, coming up with phrases with a fellow colleague, testing the game and vector illustration.

The game was given a lot of time and attention from from the look and feel to the quality of the content which we tested. We believed that this carried over very positive reviews on Amazon and social media.

Catalogue Cover Design For Satzuma LTD

Freelance Board Game Services

Do you have a board game project you want to create? Whether you are an individual, a company, a trust, a small business of even a local council. I would be happy to hear more about your board game project. (Please note that I cannot work for free and I cannot help with 'oppurtunities') genuine queries for my time service only please!

Or general questions about how my services can help with your game!

Contact a freelance Board game designer!

Creating Board & Card Games

Games! Games allow so much scope for fun a creativity they are some of my favourite projects to work on. When working on a game project I try not to just base it on what 'I' like but what I think the player would like. I hate the idea of dressing up a bad game to go on the shelves. The quality - even at a basic level needs to run through from top to bottom. If you need a game / graphic designer / creative director to help on your next project I would be more than happy to offer my skills and experience. I happy to be as involed in the project as you are willing to allow.

I can work on a freelance or contract basis and would be more than happy to sign NDA's - its all hush with me once we have agreed on the project and its terms.

Freelance Games Design Summary

  • Concept - Whether you are looking for the concept, to visualise, plan or present your game I can help.
  • Graphic Design - The look & feel of a game is important! If it's a funny game, a family game, a fantasy game or something that really needs to stand out I can offer my skills and services to offer the best results for your product. I like to work closely with my clients and build strong relationships.
  • Print - As mentioned above the look and feel of your box art, cards, rules, character sheets and all else in between really matters. Also usiing my background in retail design I can help create a design that will help if you intend to take your game beyond crowdfunding and into a retail market.
  • Keeping it close - If you are looking to keep your project hush hush, I would be more than happy to sign NDA's or verbally agree. As a freelancer, contractor or semi perm it is in my interest to agree.
  • Creative Direction - Going beyond the individual elements as seeing your project in its entirety I more than happy to offer my insights, opinions and creative ideas.

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