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Website & Digital Design

Together we can come up with a look and feel that both promotes your business, offers functionality and purpose to the user. By taking an in depth look at your project requirements I can offer solutions which are tailored for your personal needs. With a broad range of full-time and freelance projects under my belt my past experience covers but is not limited to; Website UI's, Animated banners, static banners, interactive PDF's, E-flyers, Game design, App Design, Email Shots, Website Concepts. All I need from you is a specification, a budget and why not throw a bit about your self in there!

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Coding - My skills and experience cover front-end web development (HTML CSS), building mail shots and building multimedia applications. If you are looking to develop a new application, update part of a website or come up with an interactive MPU for your website I'm here to offer my skills and knowledge – I have offered these at both a freelance and permanent level for very small to large businesses. In my time working as Designer & Developer I have produced bespoke brochure websites and integrated content management systems. I have also built and deployed applications for the browsers and desktops computers.

Here is a list of other applications I have used;
OpenCart; including building child themes and intergrating the website ready for the information to be populated, Wordpress, Lightbox Plugins, ActionScript and to a smaller degree PHP and Jquery.

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Multimedia – Gaming Apps

As one specialisms I have worked with flash, implementing sound, 2D animation. I have also published flash/Air apps for desktop deployment and mass market consumption. For more samples for these projects please visit my portfolio page. Should you require an animation, desktop app feel free to drop me a line.

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Creative brainstorming and design
Art Direction - Conceptual design & branding

For bringing value to 'face' of your business we can work together to establish future gaols and see where you intend to take your business. How would you like your business to be percieved? Who is your target market? Working collobrativily I have worked on pitches for large and small businesses ranging from large retail stores (Halfords, Staples, Tesco's) and other international companies. If you are ready to develop your brand and grow your business get in touch.

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Email Marketing

To spread the word of your latest product or shout out about your latest offer why not send out a mailshot. With exerience in designing bulk mailers that drive conversion and that all important enquiry I can offer my skills and experience in design a mailshot that works both on tablet, pc and your mobile phone.

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2D animation – Motion Graphics

Using flash and since starting to get involved with After Effects. I make simple quirky character animations or full scale interactive story games. Flash uses a more of cell-by-cell frame animation method closer to traditional animation where as After effects uses Keyframes something which similar to a rigging system. After Effects looks to be an incridbly powerful program with video editing capabilties and animation. Both programs have been used to make moves and clips to placed on websites and TV's on the Satzuma kiosk. I can offer my freelance services for both should you require an animation of video clip for your business or creative project.

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Knowledge of print
Graphic Design - Print

I have experience working in design for print on a freelance and permanent basis. If you are looking for a complete creative solution handling your project from concept to print I am here to help! I have produced magazine spreads, direct mail, stationary, user guides, POS units, FSDU's, Retail barkers flyers, catalogue covers, trade show design, kiosk design and packaging! - Almost all in one breath...

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Photo Retouching

I love photoshop... I could just leave it there but I will go into further detail. I can tweak images, remove backgrounds, or just give your image that extra level of gloss. I am more than happy to offer my services for such purposes. I can also use my Photoshopping skills for drafting conceptual drawings and animating gifs! (Please note that I am not a photographer, although I do have some experience directing and working with a DLSR camera)

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I have developed characters, illustrated short stories, worked on historical fiction and many other of a freelance and permanent basis. For more information on these on my artwork please visit my other domain here.

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Tea anywone?
Team Player

I can work on my own or collaborating with of members of a team. I love to brainstorm over a nice cup of tea! See the value not the cost of design


Manage time
Pricing & Timescale

Cost and investment will discussed in order to get your project up and running. Due to the fact that I treat each assignment uniquely, I base the cost on the time required and the resources needed to meet the deadline. For more information on timeframe and costing please send your enquiry here and I will try to get back to you as soon as possible with a break down of content.

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"I have worked with Jimm for over 6 years across hundreds of commercial projects. Jimm's ability to produce my ideas or concepts quickly by carefully listening and understanding to what I need or want commercially makes the difference. His design skills by hand and computer combined has always produced highly creative and unique pieces of work which has formed one of the main corner stones of our business."
J Ramm, Satzuma LTD

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