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As a keen gamer and freelance designer I have recently been added to the 'Indie Developer' section of 'Made In Creative UK' a portal and information body which supports the creation of games made in the UK. I can design and build games in Flash from scratch, then on publishing to desktop apps via AIR and as stand alone applications such as .EXE and .APP. I have also started to learn how to use Stencyl to build new adventures.

I have designed an e-learning game, a Drag & Drop application to market products and viral games to promote a comic company – also designing an interactive museum for a local charity in Looe. If you have a game concept or wish to involvee in your project please feel free to get in touch.

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Piano Freaks
The aim of Piano Freaks was to excite the target audience and inform them of the up and coming comic based around the pianist-come-greek-god Gabriel Petrov. The graphics and concept were sent to me to build the game in flash. You can see how long you can last by jumping over the death spears here! >>

Interactive Museum A project to design a museum for the East Looe Town trust. Used Flash, Photoshop to construct and build the interactive museum. The aim of the experience was to educate and excite the locals about the local history and heritage of the area.

Blossom tree was one of in fact a univertsity project we I had to conceptualised, designed, illustrated and built a flash game. The aim of the game was for a younger audience to learn and think without noticing. In other words, as you progress the through the game (which has two paths) you answer a series of questions which allows you to progress to the next stage of the game and ultimately free your trapped friend.


The purpose of this browser and desktop app was to inform and promote a range of DIY phone kit products by showing what you can do with the virtual demo. This app was to be sent out to buyers etc so they could gain a better understanding of how the product works and to engage them into buying the range, the app also features a 'nag' page which appears after a couple of minutes. The approximate retention time on this web page was 2 minutes gauging by google analytics.

Technical Notes: The app was designed in flash using AS3, from there the program was published to AIR and as executable files so you could install the application on your desktop.

You can play the demo here or download and install the app here and play at your leisure – please not the application is intellectual property of Satzuma LTD.

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