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Freelance Website Design for Baildon

Freelance Designer Looe

If you are looking for a Freelance website and Graphic Designer If you are looking for a Freelance website and digital designer and you are based in Baildon, I can help.

With commercial experience in designing website UI's, promotional banners, building flag ship brochure sites to promote business or even creating an eye-catching website creating you can manage yourself on a platform such as Wordpress, I can offer my skills and experience.

I can offer website solutions to suit a variety budgets.

I have over 10 years of commercial experience working with 'big' and small clients. I don't bite why not get in touch.

UI Website Design A Range or freelance Website Designs

In addition to creating 'just' a website that can suit an array of budgets, I can also look at creating a website for you that strives to solve a problem and help promote your business. Or better still, avoid a problem altogether!

freelance Services for the local area of Baidlon Application, Website & Branding for idesign

App concept

App & Interface Design | This was part of a board game project. More details can be read on this project on request - (PDF portfolio)

The image below is a project for a WIX website created for selling a product business to business. The interface was created as clean cut, open and product centered design.

Application, Website & Branding for idesign

Location | looe bases freelance website designer

If you are looking for freelance Wordpress & Website Designer for Baildon get in touch. I will see what I can do to help with your business and if needed meet in person!

A Freelance Multi-Disciplinary Designer & Web Developer | Baildon

With over 10 years of commercial experience in website & digital design, I am a creative designer & developer that strives to offer service that suits your needs, avoids problems in the first place and hopefully helps your website to stand out in a crowded market place.

Design Skills & Services

  • (starter) A basic website: This covers the setup and launch of your website giving you and your business a presence in the digital sphere. This service will not cover the branding, the SEO, the UI design, or the creation of content.
  • A WordPress Website: WordPress is an excellent piece of open-source software filled with 1000's of themes you can tailor and plugins you can add to improve your website. WordPress can also be managed by non-designers and developers.
  • E-commerce and E-shops: Using my experience as a designer and developer I can create an online store, tailor the graphics of an existing eshop or help set a store up for your business.
  • Visual Design: To really help your website stand out from the crowd I can offer my service as an experienced visual designer. As part of a team and head of department, I have worked with large retail brands creating design solutions. This covers splash pages, the appearance of your website, banners, animations and the experience as a whole.
  • Content for your blog: many businesses have content for their blogs and if you need help in standing out from the crowd bu using an information graphic of a vector illustration.
  • Email marketing is a great way to engage with your audience and inform them of a new product, news or piece of information. If you need to work on an email campaign I can offer my knowledge and skills to create a campaign for you.
  • Landing pages are a great way for focussing in on a product and message and seeing how much interest there is in that product, these can be tied in with, emails, banner adverts on your website or launching Kickstarter
  • Banners, jpg, and messages can advertise a product on your website and drive traffic to a dedicated [age. This can tie me with a landing page to count how many visitors come to the page and look at the product of promotion.
  • SEO, social media, blogging are great way to potentially drive traffic to your website. With some thought and consideration to your target audience and campaign can be created potential to drive relevant traffic to your website.
  • Local Knowledge: I am familiar with some of the industries in the local area. These ranging from tourism, heritage, mining, wool, pubs, adventure, and manufacturing. I am happy to work with a range of different types of businesses be it freelance or on a contractual basis.
  • Thank you for reading, if you would like to know a bit more about my freelance services feel free to get in touch. If you have a project in mind we could also potentially arrange a meeting.

On a personal note, I spend a lot of my time between Yorkshire & Wimbledon, with clients coming from as far a field as USA to the Far East.

Thank you for reading, if you have any other questions get in touch and I will see what I can do. I like to regard myself as a friendly Wordpress Designer and I'm looking to push myself to the next step and help your business.

Testimonial :

"Jimm has a great eye for design and understands perfectly the needs of today's online audiences. He's able to magic-up a wide range of impressive visuals that are all bang on brief and is a delight to work with. Highly recommended." - D Fernando

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