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Satzuma : Digital Design

Satzuma is a gadget and gifting company that sells into international stores across the globe. Some familiar companies are: Boots, Staples, Tesco's and other European retail chains. One aspect of my role at Satzuma LTD is to design all of the online collateral which ties in with the core brand of orange and black.

I have had the opportunity to design and develop the flagship brochure website which sells the products B2B. After the initial stages of designing the website interface, icons and click-through I then sliced the graphics in photoshop and built the website using HTML, CSS, Javascript and with a pinch of PHP. I have also worked on other smaller microsites, flash animations, e-cards, onsite SEO, e-mail campaigns, static banners, e-catalogues, Interactive PDF's, Social media tiles and marketing and other ad-hoc digital assets.

Frequently programs and languages.

Creative Cloud, Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Flash, HTML, CSS, SEO, Javascript, Vertical Response, Google Analytics, ActionScript 2.0

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