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The Design Process of 'iDesign' App & Brand

iDesign app in action!
Banner Design

Getting People to Understand iDesign

What is Idesign?

Idesign was a product set up by Satzuma whereby the the user could buy an all-in-one kit and assemble their own custom Smartphone case. The kit includes: 2 phone cases, tweezers, glue and various decoration pieces so the user could construct their unique design.

What was involved.
Having a large influence in the design of the product from the start, we designed packaging, marketing material, the content for the webpage and ultimately application to promote the product to company buyers.

The Application was a challenge, from scratch, I designed the program and built it using Flash and AS3, the UI and UX was designed and planned in Photoshop and Illustrator. Each element required various states and functions, the biggest challenge came when implementing the sharedObject so users save their cover design and come back to to at it at a later date, this was also carried over to the desktop version of the application. In addition to building the app the look and feel of icons and download page was built to carry the brand of the idesign into all stages of development.

Core Aspects Of the Idesign Project:

Flash, Photoshop, ActionScript 3.0 Illustrator

As already mentioned previously, Idesign is also available as an AIR download which has been tested both m iMac and PC. Follow the link below and allow the application to install on your operating system.


If you wish to use the browser version only please feel free to follow the this link! Happy designing. Idesign Application is Copyright Satzuma LTD


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