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Commercial Graphic Design For
Satzuma LTD

Catalogue Cover Design For Satzuma LTD
Catalogue Design Catalogue Cover Illustration Brick wall orange goo Vector wall climbers Animation Joystick Packaging

Satzuma : Branding, Creative Direction & Graphic Design for Print

Satzuma is a gadget and gifting company based in South east London that sells B2B to international stores across the globe. Boots, Staples, Tesco's and other European retail chains have purchased a large quantities of products to place into their physical stores to sell to the mass consumer market . One aspect of my role at Satzuma LTD is to design all impulse packaging which suits the product, captures the eye and is cost effective – an essential part of making the business work and keeping the everything retail ready. My role at Satzuma is not just limited to packaging, another large portion of my covers creative direction, managing other designers, working with interns, brainstorming, designing trade stands for International business, branding, animation, illustration, multimedia and design for screen.

Satzuma has taught me to think differently whilst maintaining a fun yet commercial edge, for which I'm grateful.

"If nothing else, Satzuma proves that by doing things this way, you can attract attention in something as large and noisy as CES. Truly, when it comes to small business, if there's a skill, there's a way."

- Guy kawasaki – Former Chief Evangalist of Apple

frequently used programs and methods Creative Cloud : Photoshop, Illustrator, brainstorming, pencil and paper.

Above is a snippet of some of projects i've had the honour to work on. A design of the product catalogue, where I was able to co-edit, design, plan and illustrate. No forgetting to mention working closely with my other design and the creative director. The other projects cover packaging design, design and manufacturing a flash memory drive. Vector graphics and wall art! All graphic design, artwork, illustration and concepts are copyright Satzuma LTD

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